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Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania

Cluj-Napoca is a quiet university town, an intersection between the present and the past. Known as the mysterious land beyond the forest, Transylvania is the home grounds of the Summer Court. But with the arrival of modern industry, also comes envoys of Winter, looking to challenge Summer’s dominance.

Themes and Threats

Theme: Corporate Encroachment
Aspect: Summer wanes; Winter is Coming

Theme: Corrupt Politicians
Aspect: No honest soul in city hall

Threat: Marauding Biker Gang
Aspect: Marauding Horde

Threat: Red Court moving in on Old Town
Aspect: An ancient, crumbling bastion

Within the City

Bastion of Napoca
The Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral
St Michael’s Church
Old Town
—> The Blood Goblet nightclub
Babeș-Bolyai University
—> Lucian Blaga Central University Library
—> Botanical Garden

Cluj Business Center
Cluj Politia

Around the Countryside

Baciu Forest
The Black Hill
Turda Salt Mine
Moigrad Castle and Village
Siebenbürger, the Saxon Ski Hills


White Council
Blazing Suns


Skill List

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