Dresden Files: Transylvania

Winter and Party

On their last adventure, our heroes found themselves tackling different situations. In order to find out more about Ana Maria’s disappearance, Irina takes a 28 year old unhappily married police officer to a café near the dorms and he pours out his soul to her. She asks of ways to find a missing person, a “friend” she hasn’t heard from some time and doesn’t answer the phone, but it’s not a missing person case.

In the meantime, Crooked gets threatened by the Warden who asked him about the snakes and gets a nasty wound out of it. Before then, Crooked found out that the Summer Court has something to do with the snakes judging by the evidence he found around the snake cages. It’s the DeWinter R&D tow truck that comes to pick up the cages and the police officer wants to stop them, but the guys in the suits (lab suits) show him some documents and he has to let them go much to Irina’s dismay.
The heroes regroup. Irina, Crooked and Nikolai get to hide in the bushes and see it all happening before they get the wounded librarian back home. In the morning Irina gets to meet Angela’s boyfriend, the football player, Ivan, who also hits on her, gets her number and she finds out that he knows the cheerleader, but not so well. Luckily she gets invited to a dorm party that night where she can find out more about Ana Maria.

The three meet during lunch and decide to find out more about the summer group and they decide that Irina should visit the psychologist DR. William Duchovny, then go to the party; Crooked wants to study about the fay (goals, motivations, ways ) and finds out that they have a feudal system, ancient in the area, that this is their hometown and that DeWinter is from the Winter Fae and on Summer’s turf; Nikolai is googling for Moigrad Village and Castle.

Later that day, at the party, Alex goes all medieval, with a cape and sword, which makes Ivan to tell him that he’s at the wrong party and they almost fight. Christina is there and Crooked begs her to help, and she ends up pulling him after her;

Irina is dragged by Angela into the cheerleading group and talks to one of the girls who was living in Ana Maria’s shadow, from which she finds out that the two grew up together, that Ana Maria she got flirty in high school and that her mother raised her single. Her mom she was a forest ranger that strangely got filthy rich, she was seen with a guy that has a land rover. One of Ana Maria’s boyfriends is at the party selling hasis (Simon) and strangely, Ana Maria also likes to dress up medieval and is also part of a forest scout group.

Nikolai is talking with Christina and finds out almost next to nothing apparently. Irina then talks with Simon and finds out that Ana Maria has her phone in her room and that her mom lives in a normal house in the outskirts of the city. Crooked puts on a magician’s performance, allowing Nikolai and Irina to enter Ana Maria’s room, they take some personal items including a charm similar to mistletoe, and something from it pricks Irina’s hand. She’s bleeding, feeling dizzy and almost passes out when Nikolai takes her out of the room. Alex has a lot of people around him, admiring him for his performance, which actually makes him the performer of the day, while Nikolai is the real hero.

As the party leaves the scene, a “magical” fire alarm starts ringing in the background.



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